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Second Bloom Farms

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Welcome to Second Bloom Farms

Artisan Sourdough Bread
Seigelinde Potatoes
Garlic Scape Salt
Soaps and Creams

Our Farm

Arnie was born into a family of farmers in Rosenhof, Saskatchewan (a tiny town outside of Swift Current). I grew up the daughter of a coastal lumberjack and never outgrew my love of nature.

We feel privileged to own two acres of flat, arable land in Lake Country, B.C. where we raised our four children. As stewards of this land, and with farming in our blood, we enjoy the challenge of finding the right crops for our little farm.


Arnie's Bread

Known for their crunchy crust and amazing flavours, Arnie's sourdough breads are both tasty and increasingly popular with anyone who visits the farm. He loves to experiment with new varieties and flavours. 

Our sourdough is a slow food. It takes time to create a good loaf of sourdough bread. Here is the rhythm of our routine:


Wednesday around noon, an email is sent out to our bread customers, inviting them to place their orders for the coming Saturday. Because of the long process, it works best if orders are submitted by Thursday evening. On Saturday from 12- 5, your order is ready for pick up at Second Bloom Farms. We have tap technology, a self serve cash option or e transfers.
During these COVID times we practice social distancing and mask wearing.

To get on the bread customer email list, submit a contact form from this website.
Thank you!


Darlene's Creations

Darlene has always had a very creative mind. Paired with an adventurous spirit, this results in a variety of new and exciting products. Her mainstay has certainly been her delicious garlic scape salt

The garlic scape salt is a perfect pairing of organic sea salt from the Brittany Coast of France and scapes harvested from the farm. The result is a product that enhances foods without overpowering them.

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